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Transition from Primary to Secondary



Call of Duty Game - Advice for parents

Destined Sibling Groups

Destined Sibling Groups 1

Scottish Nursing Guild

ASD Transition Toolkit

Let's Learn Together - A Guide for Parents & Teachers of Adopted Children in Primary School

YOUNG MINDS - Parental Support

YOUNG MINDS - Parental Support 1
YOUNG MINDS - Parental Support 2
If you are a parent or carer, we hope you will find the web links below useful.

Autism Friendly Rooms at the Roe Park Resort

EQUAL programme

EA - Safe School Transport

SBNI - Safeguarding Board for Northern Ireland


Strategic Plan 2018-2022 - Summary for Children and Young People -

Our Plan for Keeping you Safe

is available online at:  www.safeguardingni.org


Twitter: @safeguardingni


Here is a list of useful websites to help you keep your child safe:




Useful websites for parents and carers