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Year 8a

Welcome to Year 8A’s class page. We have 7 pupils in our class, 5 boys and 2 girls. Mrs Holden is our class teacher and Miss Clarence, Stephanie and Sarah are our Classroom Assistants. Year 8A have a busy week and work hard at completing all the subjects set out within the KS3 curriculum. We enjoy linking in with Year 8B in some lessons, for example HE, PE and swimming.


As a class we have agreed on four class rules to follow which will keep us safe and help us to enjoy school.

These include;

  1. Keep hands, feet and objects to ourselves.

  2. Use kind words and signs.

  3. Always try your best and stay on track with work.

  4. Listen to staff and each other.

Halloween Fun Day

Halloween Fun Day 1
Halloween Fun Day 2
Halloween Fun Day 3
Halloween Fun Day 4
Halloween Fun Day 5
Halloween Fun Day 6
Halloween Fun Day 7
Halloween Fun Day 8
Halloween Fun Day 9

Christmas Nativity Showcase

Christmas Nativity Showcase 1 Year 8A created this lovely nativity scene!
Christmas Nativity Showcase 2 Our display at Ballykelly
Christmas Nativity Showcase 3 Heading off to see their showcase