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Accessing Local Facilities

Knowing where facilities are and how to access them is a vital part of independent living. Accessing Local Facilities therefore is a key theme of the Horizons provision. In Horizons we want our students to be aware of what facilities and services exist in the local area and beyond, what these facilities/services offer and how they can access them. 


The Horizons group are very fortunate to be close to the Roe Valley Leisure Centre were we make good use of the sporting facilities. Bowls, badminton, swimming and the gym are the most popular pasttimes.


We are also close to the town and can therefore make the most of the local amenities. Students like to visit the cafes and have a coffee or tea and a piece of cake whenever they can. It is good practice for them to read the menus and spend money in real life situations. As for the shops, it is good to know where to find different types of shops and compare different prices.


It is not all about the money however! Students go to the Roe Valley Country Park in their spare time. Here they can see the changing of the seasons and all the new growth in spring. Students also try and involve themselves in the community and give back a little of their time and talents. They work with the good people of Be Safe Be Well to develop their DIY skills and complete numerous other projects.


Accessing Local Facilities is a theme that is woven throughout the Horizons curriculum. Whether it be in Leisure Pursuits, Life Skills, Work Skills or any other curricular area, we always try to forge links with local groups and business so that our students have a sense of involvement in the local community and are aware of whats out there.