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Who's Who

Leadership and SafeguardingTeam

Leadership and SafeguardingTeam 1 Principal Mrs Clements
Leadership and SafeguardingTeam 2 Vice Principal Mrs Archibald
Leadership and SafeguardingTeam 3 Head of Primary Department Mrs McCallion
Leadership and SafeguardingTeam 4 Head of Secondary Department Mr McDaid
Picture 1 Secretary: Mrs Kershaw
Picture 2 Secretary: Mrs Stevenson
Picture 3 Caretaker: Mr Ferguson

Buttercup Nursery

Buttercup Nursery 1 T: Mrs Watton
Buttercup Nursery 2 Ms McGuinness
Buttercup Nursery 3 Mrs Watson
Buttercup Nursery 4 Miss Noble

The Daisies

The Daisies 1 T: Mrs McCallion
The Daisies 2 Miss McLaughlin
The Daisies 3 Mrs Moore
The Daisies 4 Mrs O'Neill

The Bluebells

The Bluebells 1 T: Miss Kershaw
The Bluebells 2 Miss McGee
The Bluebells 3 Mrs Robinson
The Bluebells 4 Mrs O'Connor

The Sunflowers

The Sunflowers 1 T: Ms Trolan
The Sunflowers 2 Mrs Bonner
The Sunflowers 3 Mrs McKeever

The Snowdrops

The Snowdrops 1 T: Mrs McNeill

The Daffodils

The Daffodils 1 T: Mrs Brolly
The Daffodils 2 Mrs Taylor
The Daffodils 3 Mrs Mullan

The Tulips

The Tulips 1 T: Mrs Mussen
The Tulips 2 Mrs Moore
The Tulips 3 Mrs Donaghy

The Blossoms

The Blossoms 1 T: Mrs Bradley
The Blossoms 2 Mrs Montgomery
The Blossoms 3 Miss McNerlin
The Blossoms 4 Mr Watton

Year 8a

Year 8a 1 T: Mrs Holden
Year 8a 2 Miss Clarence
Year 8a 3 Mrs Grant

Year 8b

Year 8b 1 T: Mrs Millar
Year 8b 2 Mrs Burke

Year 10

Year 10 1 T. Mrs Shaw
Year 10 2 Miss Holmes
Year 10 3 Miss Lynch

Year 11/12a

Year 11/12a 1 T: Mr McNeill
Year 11/12a 2 Miss McLaughlin
Year 11/12a 3 Mrs Crawford

Year 11/12b

Year 11/12b 1 T. Miss McClelland
Year 11/12b 2 Mrs Cummings
Year 11/12b 3 Mrs McMichael

Horizons 1

Horizons 1 1 Mr McDaid
Horizons 1 2 Mrs Cunning

Horizons 2

Horizons 2  1 T: Miss Laverty
Horizons 2  2 Mrs McNeill

Horizons 3

Horizons 3 1 Mrs Hamilton
Horizons 3 2 Miss Whyte
Horizons 3 3 Mrs Simpson
Horizons 3 4 Mrs Hanna


ASN 1 T: Mr Ball
ASN 2 Miss Hartin
ASN 3 Mrs McCaul

The Snug Nuture Unit

The Snug Nuture Unit 1 T: Mrs Haslett
The Snug Nuture Unit 2 Behaviour Assistant: Miss Ferguson

Treetops Learning Centre

Treetops Learning Centre 1 T. Mrs M McShane
Treetops Learning Centre 2 C.A. Mrs T Hartin