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Dear Parents


To support Internet Safety Day on the 7th February we are carrying out the following:


1.  Gooseberry Planet are offering parents a 30 day free trial to the first 20 parents who which to trial  a 'HomeHalo' app which give parents control of what their children see on the internet from the palm of their hand.  Parents can operate different rules for different children.  It is simple, easy to use and quick to set up.  This box which connects to your home internet server is available from Mrs Archibald. It can be returned to school after the free trial period or parents who wish to continue to use it can do so for £4.99 per month.   Please call the school on 02877762351 to discuss it with Mrs Archibald if you are interested in this.


2.  Throughout this week pupils will be discussing keeping safe on the internet  and creating posters for display.  Post primary pupils will be showing a film they created about how to keep safe online.  


3.  To also support Internet Safety Day CCEA is sharing this resource from Ofcom, the UK’s communications regulator.

Ofcom have a duty, under the Communications Act 2003, to promote and carry out research in media literacy.

To enable children to access and understand this research, Ofcom and the internet safety charity Childnet created a worksheet incorporating some of their survey findings for the 8-11 year old age group. The worksheet focuses on when and how children go online, and what they see when they do. It can be used for discussing internet safety in school or at home with parents.

The worksheet can be found here:

As children are surrounded by lots of different images every day, Ofcom asked them what types of things they look at, and what they would do if they saw something worrying or nasty.

Please discuss the issues raised on the worksheet with your children so that we can all work together to keep them safe online.


If you would like any further information please do not hesitate to call me.

Mrs Archibald

Vice Principal




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